Our Logo

Our Logo

We recognize that Indigenous children have not only been separated from their territories but many were taken across Canada, the United States and abroad. We have several survivors that have reached out to us from distant continents to request that they be supported in finding their way home.

It is with this in mind that our logo represents a global commitment to reconnecting our lost children to their home territories of Turtle Island.

We are committed to representing all First Nations, Métis and Inuit adoptees and foster care survivors and have added symbolism within the globe that speaks to this.

Most importantly, we are reaching out to our children and adults, that struggle with questions of identity and belonging.

We use the colours of the Medicine Wheel to guide us in four directions; to recognize the four elements of life,  the four medicines, the four seasons, the four states of well being, the four colours of humanity and four stages of life.

With these teachings, may we all be (re)united.

Logo design by Dawn (Mary Francis). Survivor and founder of the Aboriginal Arts Collective of Canada, owner of Pass The Feather.