Media Advisory | June 25-2018

Media Advisory | June 25-2018

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Sixties Scoop Survivors to Canada and Law Firms: Renegotiate National Settlement Fees Now, Give Back Remaining Funds to Survivors!

(Ottawa/Unceded Algonquin Territory – June 25, 2018) – The National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network is dismayed that the Sixties Scoop settlement is in jeopardy because of Justice Belobaba’s June 21, 2018 decision to accept the settlement but reject the legal fees. We are concerned that the success of the Settlement now hinges upon three law firms and Canada agreeing to renegotiate the legal fees.

The Network wishes to remind everyone that this case is about survivors, yet Canada and the law firms are jeopardizing survivors’ interests. As a result, Network Director Tealey Ka’senni:saks Normandin states: “Sixties Scoop survivors are sitting here in limbo yet again waiting on a colonial system to recognize us.”

The Network and Sixties Scoop Survivor organizations across the country are calling upon Canada and the legal firms to de-link the legal fees from the settlement and renegotiate now. The Network and allied organizations are also demanding that Canada apply any money saved from legal fee renegotiations directly towards the Healing Foundation or to individual payments to Survivors.

If an agreement is not reached, an estimated 22 000 eligible First Nations and Inuit survivors of the Sixties Scoop will lose the opportunity to be compensated for cultural loss and we will lose the proposed Sixties Scoop healing foundation that would serve over 30 000 survivors.

The Network will continue to call for a just settlement for Metis and non-status survivors of the Sixties Scoop as well. Network Director Nadine Delorme states “These settlements do not apply to me as I am Métis and also because Indian or Métis status was removed from me intergenerationally. When we heard of the settlement process lagging and defaulting intentionally by the Crown and Canada, we started to prepare to rally in solidarity with all the Survivors who still want to come home and so that there is a home for them to come back to safely.”

The Network will be announcing later this week a national rally date, on which Survivors and their allies will demand that Canada and the law firms take the necessary steps to approve the Sixties Scoop Settlement.

For more information, please contact:

Elaine Kicknosway, President and Co-Founder, NISCWN               Cell: (613) 864-9016

Colleen Cardinal, Coordinator and Co-Founder, NISCWN              Cell: (613) 407-7057

Nadine Delorme-Simon, Director, NISCWN                                      Cell: (647) 458 0924

Vicky Boldo, Director, NISCWN                                                            Cell: (514) 210-6663


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