Mapping the Indigenous Adoptee Diaspora

Research Project:

Mapping the Indigenous Adoptee Diaspora

by Colleen Cardinal and Dr. Raven Sinclair


I, Colleen Cardinal, have begun collaborating on this project with Dr. Raven Sinclair of the Pekiwewin Project

We are going to be mapping our adoption/foster journeys on an interactive GIS map to visualize what movements of Indigenous bodies during the 60’s scoop through Canada's colonial child welfare policies looks like at a national and international level.

It’s very exciting work, with this information from your input we will be able to interactively use this map to share our stories, visualize our journeys, collect data and even find others.

I’m taking volunteers at this point to help me collect data sets to create a demo to build upon.

This project is voluntary and so are the questions and by no means mandatory.

The form below serves to collect your information should you choose to participate.

Thank you in advance.

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Mapping the Indigenous Adoptee Diaspora
Please enter the name that you go by now.
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If you lived in Canada, please tell us where. Province, territory, nation, community, etc.
If you were taken out of Canada, how long did you live there AND do you still live there?
Have you have returned to your family, your community or your country?
If you are seeking family members (parents, siblings, extended family), please list all details that you have below including name, birth date, place of residence, etc.
If you choose, your information and/or story may be posted on our website. If you are looking for your birth family or would like to share your story publicly, please give permission below.
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